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Aug 27, 2009 · Two weeks later I went on another campout and noticed my propane level at a quarter tank on the inside gauge. I checked the tank gauge and had the same reading. I don’t smell a leak nor did the alarm go off so I was wondering if I got ripped off for a fill up or what else could have happened. All other propane appliances work fine.

Sep 20, 2020 · This may or may not relate to your problem but if I don't attach the propane hose to the tank very tightly, the propane doesn't flow. Something about those particular fittings is different than regular grill connectors.
First of all, the "magnetic float" is primarily a subject of ASME propane tank face gauges (as an integral part of a float gauge). All other aside, the volume measurement of propane can be derived from the article without a "how-to" that mostly encompasses bbq grill tanks.
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If the gauge needs to be replaced, the propane tank must be empty. If the face gauge has a stuck dial, it can be quickly replaced as dial/face gauges use magnets and can be interchanged without the tank needing to be empty.
This hinge might stick if the tank receives rough treatment during unloading, yard moves, setting or if the tank is transported with liquid inside. Often times, you can correct a float gauge problem by tapping lightly on the side of the tank.
Auto Fill simply means that you no longer need to worry about checking the gauge on your propane tank and calling in to schedule a delivery. Sharp will take care of monitoring your propane usage, and will route a truck to fill your tank only when you’re getting low (usually when the tank is about 20-30% full).
The little stickers like venzann mentioned are a pretty good way to go.. you can get a single long 'gauge' sticker that you stick on the side of the tank to make it easy to tell.
The gauge had stuck on the tank and I thought I had plenty of propane. I called O'Brien propane and he brought us some propane within 30 minutes. You don't see that kind of service very often anymore so I thought I would just give the guy a little shout out.
Dec 04, 2018 · The fittings for the hose need to be ones that work and I'm not sure if 3/8" pipe is right. It's safe to ask the guys at the counter that kind of question. "What fitting do I need to connect a propane hose to?" I THINK 3/8" pipe is correct but I'm not sure anymore Just buy a gauge with a male fitting or buy a male to male fitting.
Like all liquid fuel sources, propane is combustible. When the ratio of propane to air is between 2.2% and 9.6%, propane will burn in the presence of an ignition source at 940°F (504°C) or hotter. Keep at least 35ft away from heat, sparks, flames, static electricity, lighted smoking materials, or other sources of ignition when working with ...
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  • The tank will normally be filled to approximately 80% to allow for heat expansion. Occasionally a gauge may become "stuck" and often a light tap on the guage will correct this. Note: This is an approximation only. Fluctuating temperatures or condition changes could affect the % reflected during the day.
  • Suburban Propane of Grass Valley, CA proudly serving Yuba City, CA, Rocklin, CA, Lincoln, CA, Auburn, CA & Grass Valley, CA with Propane Sales and Service. Call 1-530-273-6113.
  • FS-104-07 - BBQ Propane Cylinder Relief Valves - Paint Contamination; FS-105-07 - Tirino Corp - Unapproved Gas, Propane and Oil-Fired Hot Water Heaters, Boilers and Combination Units; FS-084-06 - Propane Tanks for Highway Vehicles; FS-076-06 - Propane and Gas-Fired Un-Vented Servel Refrigerators, Built Between 1933 and 1957
  • Jun 27, 2016 · An empty 20lb grill propane tank measures about 18 to 20 pounds. A full one will weigh between 38 and 40 pounds. So, if your grill tank weighs about 28-30 pounds, it’s about halfway full! No gauge on the grill tank? Try these methods. If there’s a problem with your propane tank gauge, you can still estimate the level of propane you have.
  • The only three ways I've seen to be close to accurate for propane level indicators are a float connected to a gauge, the stick on types that measure the temperature difference of the tank areas above and below the liquid line (or pouring hot water on the tank), and actually weighing the tank on a scale and subtracting the tare weight of the tank.

The pressure gauge on a propane tank will move up and down as the ambient temperature changes. It is measuring the vapor pressure above the liquid in the tank. This vapor pressure will stay in the green range as long as there is some liquid propane in tank.

Feb 05, 2020 · The Ignik Gas Growler is a refillable propane tank that endeavors to give us some happy, environmentally-friendly, and economical middle ground. When you're camping, RVing, tailgating, grilling, or doing any activity that requires outdoor cooking you ty
The indicator changes colour to let you know when a tank has been depleted and needs to be refilled. The inlet is 1/4 in. SAE inverted flare and the outlet is a 3/8 in. NPT female. Also included are 2 of the 12 in. pigtails to connect the regulator to the propane tank or propane supply. Overall: 4'' H x 4'' W x 7'' D; Product Type: Hose or ... Oct 09, 2020 · Propane tank gauge. Odds 'n Ends. RV News RVBusiness 2021 Top 10 RVs of the Year, plus 56 additional debuts and must-see units → ×

May 05, 2010 · Condensation in the dial can freeze in the winter and "stick" the gauge in place. Sometimes a few taps with the butt of a screwdriver can jar the gauge needle loose and it will read properly again....

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The gauge had stuck on the tank and I thought I had plenty of propane. I called O'Brien propane and he brought us some propane within 30 minutes. You don't see that kind of service very often anymore so I thought I would just give the guy a little shout out.